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Cauliflower of a grade of Ardent of F1
  • Cauliflower of a grade of Ardent of F1
  • Cauliflower of a grade of Ardent of F1

Cauliflower of a grade of Ardent of F1

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Brand:АПК Редтрейд
Country of manufacture:Ukraine

Cauliflower of a grade of Ardent of F1

Look: fresh production.
What is suitable for: ideal for supermarkets, freezing.
Approximate period of cleaning (offer of fresh cabbage): On October 15 on November - 15.
Terms of delivery: 1) from the field, 2) delivery across Ukraine, by agreement.
Cost: contractual price, fixation of the price is possible.
In difference from other grades of cabbage, color without effort is digested and irritates mucous a stomach much less. It is recommended at an ulcer of a duodenum and stomach. It as the dietary product can be given to children. It can be used at diseases of a liver, heart and gall bladder. The cauliflower normalizes the content of cholesterol and glucose in blood. Inclusion of this species of cabbage in a diet well influences nervous system. The cauliflower can be used for a change diets at fight against obesity. Also, the regular use of dishes from a cauliflower is prevention against many forms of cancer.
Agrarian and industrial complex Redtreyd, TOV the company which primary activity is cultivation and realization of different types kapust.
Our lands are in the Kherson region, with its fertile lands, long - term experience, to modern approach to agrotechnologies and the European recommendations and requirements, allows us to receive a harvest kapust the highest quality.
Purposes of the enterprise
Main objective of our activity: - to provide clients and end users with the first - class production which meets the quality standards. Our main advantages are: — cooperation with the international seed companies, producers of means of protection of plants and irrigating systems; — an integrated approach to technological process of cultivation, the subsequent collecting and realization; — the minimum pesticidal loading — control of a chain of production.

Our production is delivered for processing to the large enterprises of Ukraine for freezing, supermarkets, and also on the fresh market.

Brand:АПК Редтрейд
Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Information is up-to-date: 09.01.2020
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